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August 2nd, 2009

Yesterday: 1116 words, total 9376.

After which we headed up to LA to meet up with castlebravo and yellow3 (who are moving up north) and kayjkay and absinth1977 (who are not). We started out with an Ethiopian feast for lunch, hung out at the LA County Museum of Art for a while, then headed to Canter's for dinner... all in all, a very Angeleno kind of day.

It was odd, though, walking through their collection of South and Southeast Asian art, displaced a half-world away from its home, and thinking about the processes that brought it all here. I'm still poking at all of the things I feel about that.

So it was a great day, and if I'm being a little slow off the mark this morning, I have the whole rest of the day to make up for it.

Today's Goals
Writing: 2000 words  (1748)
House: Laundry. Errands. Declutter.
Self: Light exercise. Catch up on Mabi foo.

July 30th, 2009

Yesterday, 1625 words, total 4192.

Last night we got to see lizhand read at Mysterious Galaxy as part of the Clarion reading series... finally, as Aestival Tide has been one of the most formative and influential books I've read.

Bonus Digression: Sharon's top five most influential books!
A Wrinkle in Time, Madeline L'Engle
the Riddlemaster trilogy, Patricia McKillip
Rumors of Spring, Richard Grant
the aforementioned Aestival Tide
Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay

... no wonder I'm so weird. Anyway. She read from a short story set in the National Air and Space Museum, and as she read I vividly saw the parts of the museum she was describing, and I was trying to remember if that was one of the parts of the Smithsonian we visited when I was a young teenager... then I realized. It was Fallout 3. Sigh.

So it was a great pleasure, and Elizabeth Hand was wonderful (and very grateful for the not-Cognac that voidmonster brought). And afterward was dinner at the Aladdin Cafe withshweta_narayanand elsmi--and seajules, whom I had not yet met. We talked a lot about speculative poetry, Ninja Zombie Apocalypses, and various and sundry other important matters. I think I'm getting dragged back into the whole poetry thing, and I don't find myself putting up much of a fight...

Anyway, awesome night with awesome company. And now I really should get cracking on work...

Today's Goals
Writing: 2000 words (1663) plus an entry for International Blog Against Racism Week.  (yes)
House: Laundry. (no) Put away dishes. (done) Make lunch.  (NOM) Declutter. (no)
Self: Light exercise. (10 min WiiFit yoga) Catch up on Mabinogi foo.  (no)

June 9th, 2009

Your result for Which fantasy writer are you?...

Mary Gentle (b. 1956)

17 High-Brow, 11 Violent, 23 Experimental and 25 Cynical!

Details LJ-cut to spare the innocent...Collapse )

June 3rd, 2009

Getting close now...



Might finish this draft tomorrow, even.

Yesterday: 530 words, total 95,003.

Today's Goals:
Writing: 1250 words (1240, chapter 20 done!)
House: Moar laundry (yes)
Self: Exercise (no)

June 2nd, 2009

Yesterday: 1422 words, total 94,473. Our mighty band of ragged adventurers is getting ready to storm the citadel. Betcha didn't know I was writing that kind of novel! Okay, so maybe not...

Not sure if words will happen today. Insomnia last night means I'm getting off to a slow start. (At least it wasn't the free-floating-anxiety-going-NOM-NOM-NOM-on-my-liver kind, just the don't-wanna-go-back-to-bed kind.) And I need to get ready for writer's group today, and that kind of takes precedence. But there's still seven hours to go, so who knows...

Today's Goals
Writing: Writers' group. Fresh words a bonus. (530)
House: Pay bills. Do laundry. Make lunch. Clean house for writers' group.  (yes, yes, yes... three out of four ain't bad!)
Self: Read (no)

June 1st, 2009

Yesterday: 368 words, total 93,051. Not many words, but a good day for recharging: malfunctioning robot board games hosted by zwol. (Note: it was the players, not the robots, who ware doing most of the malfunctioning.) Followed by a late showing of Up, which was as wonderful as people are saying. I'm not sure what to say about it, except that I'd buy a doll of the stork hero of the attached short.

So, as of May 1 I was at 75,032, giving me a total of 18,000 words for the month and 34,000 words since I started keeping track of my daily output. More importantly, I'm less than two weeks away from finishing this thing. All numbers, all statistics, I know. But the important thing is those numbers mean forward progress, and without that, let's face it, I'm going nowhere.

Back to the word mines...

Today's Goals
Writing: 1200 words, or finish this scene and next, whichever comes first (1422!)
House: Moar laundry
Self: Exercise

May 31st, 2009

Yesterday: 1183 words, total 92,683. The next couple of scenes should be much easier... and then, of course, everything comes to a conclusion. I'd say a satisfying conclusion, but "satisfying" probably has to wait for another draft.

Not sure whether today's a half-day or a day off. So either words will happen, or they won't. I'm playing it by ear.  (368 words--not much, but something)

May 30th, 2009

Yesterday: 557 words, total 91,500. I was a bit distractible yesterday (for some strange reason), and after dinner just could not drag myself back down to the emotional nadir that is my novel right now.

At shweta_narayan's place.  I'm sitting in view of two windows.  My left eye sees a sky full of low, gray clouds, like fog; my right eye sees hazy blue sky and big white cumulus clouds.  shweta_narayan says it would be very boring to have the same reality through both windows...

Today's Goals:
Writing: Finish scene, start next one (1183 words.  Scene finished, next scene not started)
House: not so much
Self: be social

May 29th, 2009

... 'cause I've used an awful lot of 'em squeeing the past few days.

First, the news I'd been holding off on--I think it's okay to share, hopefully somebody will tell me if it's not: Abyss and Apex is taking "Birds in Every Tree."

And today's news: Fantasy Magazine is taking "The Armature of Flight."

Eeeeeeeee! (*ahem* yeah. Professionalism 'r' us But, but, but EEEEEE!!!)
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