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Guess what I did yesterday!

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Guess what I did yesterday!

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Here's a hint:

The yelps and howls from the kennels announced the end of Verona's lunch as surely, and as loudly, as any bell or buzzer ever could. Visitors, she thought at first, come to St. Edgemarry's to find themselves a special pet. But no, the commotion wasn't nearly frantic enough. Russ--Dr. Bernicke--must have decided to come in, though it wasn't his day to do so.

Was he still Dr. Bernicke if he was here off his schedule? That was one of the bits she hadn't yet worked out in her head, and not, if she were to be fully honest with herself, anywhere close to the most important one.

Yes, I've finally started revising Her Hollow-Boned Desire. (I wrote a prologue earlier, but somehow--I'm not quite sure how this works--that didn't feel like revision.) This new first scene isn't perfect, of course. I know I'm not getting the incluing quite right, for example. But I'm doing so much better than the previous draft.

Expect more frequent updates soon-ish. I intend to get back to the daily accountability updates as soon as I have my feet a little bit more under me.
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