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O hai.

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Sharon Mock

O hai.

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One of the downsides of being in this weird quiet transitional state is that I tend to emerge only when I have good news to report, turning this into a de facto brag blog. Still, I know at least some of you are reading to keep track of what's up with me, so:

"Attar of Roses," my first published story, is now available in podcast form at Podcastle. w00t!

But what I'd really like to do right now is boost the signal ofThe Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project & Gentlemen's Auxiliary. Because I'm one of the lucky ones. When I was young and timid and insecure at my first con, and didn't know how to discourage this one guy who had latched onto my company as though he were drowning and I were a life preserver, somebody had my back. Somebody noticed I was uncomfortable and came over to help me out.

I've tried to pass it on, as best I can. I hope the rest of you do, too.
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