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Sharon Mock

A loose gathering of things

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Starting the year off right: PodCastle has accepted "Attar of Roses." Squee!

Other than that, the year goes steadily, though I could have lived without the disruption involved in the introduction of termites to the joy of sulfur and fluorine. Everything consumable that wasn't in factory-sealed bottles or cans had to be double-bagged; we used this as an excuse to be ruthless in paring down the collected kitchen cruft. Then we were sent out into a Major Rain Event. Fortunately stellatangdele and davecycle offered their guest room--can't thank them enough.

So the kitchen's now in rather better shape than I'd intended, though there's still bits of unpacking to do here and there. All the short stories are out there searching for loving homes; still haven't screwed up the courage to do the same for the poems. As for the three general "resolutions" -- read MOAR, cook MOAR, exercise MOAR -- two out of three's not so bad. Maybe I can count the kitchen work as exercise?

Finally, Hal Duncan puts his money where his mouth is and turns down the BSFA non-fiction nomination. If you haven't yet, do follow the link and see why.
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