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Catching up: Movies recently seen

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Sharon Mock

Catching up: Movies recently seen

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Ink: Off Netflix. A super-indie, ultra-low budget, independently distributed urban fantasy about Storytellers (who do not actually tell many stories) and Incubi (who do not actually seduce any women) battling for the sake of a single small child. If this sounds glurgy, well... you're not wrong, but it has a sharpness to it that keeps it worth watching. I was pleasantly surprised but not overwhelmed. Those of you less cynical than I will probably like it even more.

Avatar: All full of pretty. (I might have a weakness for geeky men with long braided hair.) Grace rocked. (I might also have a weakness for the prickly and difficult.) Would have liked the Na'vi to have in some way differentiated themselves from generic tribal culture. More than that, would have liked Sully to have been a wee bit less inutterably stupid.

Sherlock Holmes: An Aerogel of a movie, with great deftness and not an ounce of subtlety, driven by high-octane sex appeal. The perfect movie to see for New Year's with a group of good friends.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: I saw this yesterday and am still making sense of it. I strongly suspect this isn't a movie for the uninitiated. But Terry Gilliam is the director, and Tom Waits is the Devil, and if either of these things make you want to see the movie, you should definitely go.
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