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Apparently trying to get CoR done by August 31 was not a great idea. I managed to stress myself into radio silence and run out of spoons in the process. Part of it was the other opportunities I was going to miss if I stayed single-mindedly focused on the novel redraft: the next Leviathan anthology (which has since gotten pushed back), the next Clockwork Phoenix anthology, and a nifty speculative poetry contest which my brain absolutely insisted I write something for.

... yeah, I've been writing poems again. Not at the same rate I did when I was 22 and not yet broken by the Awful Visiting Professor (Mr. Women Are From Earth Men Are From Mars), but at this point it's happened enough times to not be a fluke.

So I might not have a redrafted novel(la), but I've got 31,751 words toward one. And the first draft of a short story.

And my poem "Alexander von Humboldt Visits the Moon" won the Lunar Maria contest. SQUEEE. I'm not sure I can use enough "really"s to express how pleased and happy I am.

I blame thank rose_lemberg and shweta_narayan. Without their encouragement and inspiration, I'd still be thinking of poetry as something I used to do, way back in the past. (It's all their fault! :D)
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